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“As a speaker and business coach, Debra inspires confidence – confidence in the individual to aspire, to dream, and to acquire new goals and objectives.” — Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Opera Company

Building Brand Momentum Building Brand Momentum

Create harmony around your brand image and marketing

You may be the best in your field, or have the best product on the market, but if your target audience perceives you differently, it may be time to realign and/or reposition your company’s story.

Building Brand Momentum is a guided process adopted from the practices of Fortune 500 advertising agencies. Marketing U partners with your senior executives to facilitate then through a strategic planning process that creates harmony around your brand image and marketing objectives.

Your senior executives engage in a process that explores your firms vision and brand identity. The team discovers how to . . .

  • Clearly define company vision, objectives and target marketing statement;
  • Communicate company promise;
  • Speak more effectively to key customers;
  • Lay claim to your firm's unique message in the marketplace.

This workshop benefits organizations that are . . .

  • Launching a new business idea, service, or product;
  • Dissatisfied with their current marketing and promotional materials;
  • Interested in attracting a broader or more specific audience or clientele;
  • Experiencing a slump in sales due to increased competition or stagnant client base.

Facilitator: Debra Valle, MCC



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