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“Thank you for the magical journey of exploration. I hoped to come away with a clearer idea of where I was going but instead you blasted me out of the teeny, tiny box I was operating from and blew me into the stratosphere. As a result
of your workshop, I am cooking with gas on the front burner!” — Small Business Owner

Learn to lead using powerful coaching skills

This program guides leaders, CEOs, and senior executives through an interactive and hands-on process of learning powerful coaching skills they can use to make their teams more effective and more productive.

“Leader as Coach” presents coaching as a model for effective management, mentoring, and leadership.

Leaders learn how to . . .

  • Coach and inspire innovation among their reports;
  • Incite personal and professional responsibility;
  • Optimize bottom-line performance;
  • Instill coaching methods as part of the company's corporate culture.

Who benefits most from this workshop? Any professionals, CEOs, managers, or other senior executives responsible for the performance of teams and who are looking for proven methods to inspire, motivate, and encourage the best in themselves and in those around them.

Facilitator: Debra Valle, MCC

Leader as Coach

Leader as Coach

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