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“Debra Valle's ability to motivate, stimulate and empower a group is extraordinary. She has a great gift as a strategic thinker. She is always imaginative and creative in her thinking. It's these gifts that have made her invaluable to us. She's a genius.” — Vice President of Marketing, Premier Performing Arts Organization

Conversations that create alignment and action

For those times when when issues are complex, problems are big, and decision-making is critical, Marketing U's Debra Valle, in an alliance with Right Action Summits, offers facilitated stakeholder meetings (or “Summits”) of 2 to 4 days.

These are transformational organizational summits where dynamic, facilitated group discussions provide the soil in which companies can plant, fertilize, and grow inspired and intelligent business decisions.

Stakeholders from all parts of your firm are present, and extensive pre-work ensures sustained focus on key questions and issues that create clarity.

We also offer facilitated . . .

  • Right Action “Retreats” of 1 to 2 days where teams tackle complex issues, generate breakthrough insights, and commit to clear actions;
  • Right Action “Workshops” where we teach the tools we use so that your leaders can facilitate their own collaborative conversations.
  • Recurring “Meetings” for your group or organization to work through issues, share ideas and strategies, and learn from like-minded individuals. For example, Debra Valle is facilitator for the Orange County Chapter of the Women Presidents' Organization.

Learn more: Right Action Summits

Facilitator: Debra Valle, MCC

Retreats and Meeting Facilitation

Retreats and Meeting Facilitation

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