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“Debra Valle guided my organization through a difficult management transition: She consulted with management and directed the incoming Marketing Director during a particularly sensitive time of the company's history. Personally, she was a wonderful sounding board for me. I cannot imagine reliving that experience without her involvement.”
— Managing Director, Performing Arts

Tailored to support managers and teams new to the marketing arena

Gain marketing expertise and insight with this program designed to support managers and teams new to marketing, or who are looking for a fresh perspective.

Whether offered as a seminar, workshop, or as a retreat, this program helps you . . .

  • Clarify brand and marketing objectives;
  • Create strategic business plans;
  • Facilitate better team objectives;
  • Improve internal communications;
  • Enhance performance of your employees and sales teams.

Who benefits most? Any marketing or public relations team, professionals, non-profits, or senior teams with a desire to learn or reinforce key marketing principles, especially when . . .

  • Launching a new idea, service or product;
  • Dissatisfied with their current marketing and promotional materials;
  • Interested in attracting a broader audience or specific type of clientele;
  • Experiencing a slump in sales due to increased competition or stagnant client base.

Facilitator: Debra Valle, MCC

Marketing for Non-marketing Managers

Marketing for Non-marketing Managers

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