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“Working with Debra Valle is one of the best perks any business person could receive . . . or give themselves”
—Executive Vice President, Advertising Agency

Turn your leaders into active, purposeful listeners and communicators

This fully-developed, practical program is used by firms to help their teams and senior leaders become active, purposeful listeners in a wide variety of professional, corporate, and business settings.

The cornerstone of this program is a self-directed assessment tool that helps individuals discover their preferred or most natural approach to listening, as well as gain insight into the listening approaches of others.

Offered as a one-day workshop, a series of progressive workshops, or in a corporate retreat setting, participants learn to . . .

  • Capitalize on their listening strengths;
  • Improve their ability to understand the purpose of different communications;
  • Learn how to overcome listening barriers and reduce conflict.

Who benefits most from this workshop? Any professionals, non-profits, management, or senior teams looking to improve productivity and performance by improving their ability to listen and interact with others.

Facilitator: Debra Valle, MCC

Strategic Listening and Feedback Skills

Strategic Listening and Feedback Skills

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